Full Protection for VMware

For greater efficiency and complete protection, Corporate Backup backs up at the ESXi host level, which means simultaneous security for all guest operating systems. Our backup solution delivers a cost-effective, smart, and user-friendly way to safeguard your VMware data.

When backing up and restoring your VMware data with Corporate Backup, you’ll benefit from:

Feature Description
Complete Protection Settings of virtual machines (like hardware configurations) as well as the data stored on virtual disks (including all information on guest operating systems) are always backed up.
Flexibility Suit your specific needs with both full and differential backups (using VMware’s Changed Blocks Tracking feature).
Global Block-Level Deduplication Each file is broken down into many smaller ‘blocks’ then only the portion of the file that doesn’t already exist on our Servers is transmitted over the Internet. This means faster backups that consume less storage, bandwidth and time.
Incremental-Forever Backups Traditional backups require a Full Backup followed by a number of Incremental or Differential backups – with Corporate Backup even the incremental backups are full restore points. Our back-end system determines which blocks are required in any given restore so that you don’t have to worry about restoring Full Backups followed by all your incrementals.
Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Some files are critical to your business and even losing a days worth of data could be damaging to your business. Capturing every change as it occurs means protecting your productivity. Thanks to our backup-reduction technology this can now be done economically even on files that never close.
Open File Protection CDP without open file protection has only limited value. Besides supporting Microsoft VSS we also have one of the very few high performance Open File Drivers on the market. This means backing up files like Outlook PSTs are no problem at all.
Agentless Deployment Backups that don’t require installing individual client software on each machine means greater scalability and efficiency for your clients.
Granular Scheduling Set your backups for off-peak times or specific intervals of the day to lessen the load on your servers and bandwidth.
Hybrid Cloud Protection Keep copies of your files Offsite on our Servers but you can also keep backups locally to provide the fastest restore times possible.
Our VMware product will be available in our next software release. To be notified when it’s available please contact us.